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March 22, 2006


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i was in Nicaragua a couple summers ago and i was taught this word. I was told it translate as something like "day of the big balls" but i really don't know, it was used a lot by the younger men. i know cachimba means pipe. it is a mysterious word. i could ask some nicaraguan friends, i think i will.

Blake Gerke

I was in Nicaragua this past summer and our guide/translator used this word when we would use "awesome." It is a substitute for buenisimo or bufalo, from what my experiences have taught. On the other hand, yelling "deacachimba" in Costa Rica attract many odd looks, as if they know what it means... Maybe it shows patriotism to Nicaragua???


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Deacachimba is slang used to say something is cool and used only in Nicaragua. Have been living in Costa Rica for two years and it is definitely a Nica slang term only. You will get more than weird looks if you were ever to say that here in CR, unless you were talking with Nicas. Mostly guys use it and also tourists who learn what it means. :) Not sure where it comes from but some nicaraguan girls I asked once told me that it refers to beating your wife back in the day so that's why it can be seen as a bad term but all the guys use it and it just means something is good, good people, good waves, etc.


cachimbear means beating someone up. Deacachimba means cool.

Paulina Slobodan

I was just in Nica for a few weeks and the most common way I heard deacachimba used was in response to "how are you?" Like as if to say, "I'm good", or "it's all good".
- Como estas?
- Deacachimba

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